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welcome to CTS ballyfeckin cwm twypsn celtic scene blog downloads
  useful links     contact cts provides Irish themed Routes and Rolling Stock for use with the freeware OpenBVE train simulator program.  
Since its introduction in 2010 the
Ballyfeckin and Waterville railway, a fictional route based on real Irish rail track and scenery, has proved popular worldwide.

Now the latest additions to the Ballyfeckin & Waterville include an extra 50+ km of track beyond Waterville, to Newbridge. The suburban routes are extended to Knockmore, which adds six stations and allows extended suburban routes from Kinlough. It is also possible to drive the entire line from Ballyfeckin, some 106km.

Home of Ballyfeckin & Waterville

The OpenBVE train sim is a fully-featured program with add-ons from many countries available. Because the source code and route building code are freely available it is possible for enthusiasts to construct their own work and many have gone on to produce excellent material for the sim, which they have made available to users free of charge. To use this simulator you will need to download and install the program from the website, details on this page

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